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incorrect grammar in forum and other dicussions - "Doubts" should be "Questions"#505


Thanks for doing an amazing job with this platform!

There is something that is bothering me.

In the public forum your wording has some incorrect grammar where you refer to questions as “doubts”.

No offence but in the UK (where I am) and in standard English we say questions if someone wants to ask something. A doubt is not really a question, but instead a thought that someone has and doesn’t need to be asked. :-)

Can this be changed to say questions please as doubt is just weird?

3 months ago

You can change it via custom text. Go to Design -> Language -> Custom text.

3 months ago
Changed the status to
Already Present
3 months ago

This is actually correct. Doubts is Indian English equivalent to questions. While this sounds odd to those who grew up speaking American or British English, to the Indian ear this is totally fine. But it’s great that this could be customised - which helps Spayee’s appeal more global and not just locked to India.

2 months ago

The solution given does not address it in the course forums as that still says “Ask your doubts”. It only seems to change the main forum.

Also I think the notification emails still says doubt in their somewhere.

The use of language is critical to brand identity, and I don’t feel comfortable using it like that.

I’m sure a lot of customers will also feel this way.

The fact that Spayee is being marketed to an audience beyond India means we need to be able to get the options that align with what the majority of native English speakers use. Not just what is “correct” in India.

I hope this gets rectified soon, as I’m being forced to switch of course discussions which is actually needed in my use case.

a month ago